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Directory Layout Recommendations

This file describes the recommended layout for repositories using the Subissue system. This layout is not required; it is only a recommendation. The only requirement is that whatever layout you choose matches the specification in your Subissue Configuration, and that the appropriate subissue:* properties are set on the issue directories and files.

The Subversion Team generally recommends the following basic directory layout for Subversion-based repositories:

  • / (Repository Root)
    • branches/
    • tags/
    • trunk/

When using Subissue, this recommendation should be extended to add one additional directory tree:

  • / (Repository Root)
    • issues/
      • unconfirmed/
      • new/
      • assigned/
        • [usernames]/
      • resolved/
      • interface/

For easy organization, it is further suggested that each issue recieve its own directory as a child of any of the unconfirmed/, new/, assigned/[username]/, or resolved/ directories, containing the following files:

  • [issue-id]/
    • issue
    • comment-[XXX]
    • attachment-[XXX]

[issue-id] should be a unique positive integer, preferably 6-digits, should start at 000000 and should be incremented by one each time a new issue is added. This recommendation serves only to provide easy chronological sorting; there are no hard restrictions on the issue-id.