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Issue Storage, Access, and Representation

Issues are represented as directories in your Subversion repository with subissue:type set to directory. Descriptions, comments, and other files related to each issue are stored in a single such directory and are identified by some other value of subissue:type. Files or directories that do not have subissue:type set are ignored by the Subissue system.

Property: Value(s):

The subissue:type property determines a file or directory's interpretation with regard to an issue. Any file that does not have subissue:type set to one of the following values will not be controlled by the Subissue system.

Only directories can have subissue:type set to directory, and such directories are treated as "issue containers". In general, each separate issue is stored in its own such directory. All files or directories within the directory are assumed to belong to the same issue.
issue files are interpreted as the issue's description. See the list of headers that should be included in an issue description.
comment files are treated as an additional comment to the original issue file. See the list of headers that may be included in an issue comment.
An attachment to the issue. May be any type of file; set svn:mime-type as appropriate. Usually, attachments should accompany a comment, and should be referenced in the comment's URL: header.
A proposed patch that will resolve or correct the issue. The patch should be created with svn merge.

All other properties beginning with the prefix "subissue:*" are reserved by the Subissue system, and properties in addition to subissue:type may be supported as additional use-cases are discovered. Currently no other properties are supported.

Example Issue:

Here is a sample directory structure, based on the layout recommendation, with associated Subversion properties, for a sample issue:

File/Directory: Type: Properties:
/issues/ Directory  
  • new/
    • 000314/
Directory subissue:type = directory
      • description
Issue Description subissue:type = issue 1
      • comment-000
Comment File subissue:type = comment
      • comment-001
Comment File subissue:type = comment
      • sample.jpg
Attachment subissue:type = attachment
svn:mime-type = image/jpeg
      • patch-000
Text File subissue:type = patch
(1): The issue description is the only required file in the directory.